Sept. 20, 2017


Honorable Mention at Life Framer Awards, chosen by Katerina Stathopoulou – curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.

She wrote: "Romina’s portrait is wonderfully realised – paying dues to the paintings of the Old Masters (the soft color palette, the neutral background, the frills and plaits), while adding a modern twist – the braces, almost anachronistic, are the only clue to the time. It’s a charming play between the classic and the contemporary. What’s also refreshing is the level of imperfection in the slightly unkempt hair, the blushed cheeks. It’s incredibly naturalistic, and those details add a welcome vulnerability and realism. I see this as a subverted comment on the selfie-generation, and the nature of beauty in a world of online appearances and superficiality. It’s a brilliant, memorable image"
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