Aug. 28, 2014


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"Relatively new to Instagram, Romina Ressia’s (@RominaRessia) photographic work is at such a high level, she has already been contacted for sales of her images.

Currently, 33-year-old Romina lives in Argentina, in a small town, close to Buenos Aires. Describing herself as an "Art Lover since childhood", Romina spent much of her early years drawing and painting and attending art classes in her village. When she turned 18 years old, she relocated to the city and after gaining a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accountancy degree pursued a career within finance.

However, the urge to pursue a creative career never left her, with a healthy budget from her well paid job, Romina was able to indulge herself, expanding her creative knowledge and attending Fashion Photography and Art Direction & Scenery courses. She was also able to arm herself with the latest equipment, readily admitting ‘the best way to learn photography is by watching and training the eye and reading a lot about the History of Photography and about the Great Masters Work’. Romina invested her time within her passion. She cites Alessia Glaviano (Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia) as a huge influence and part of her learning experience, ‘PhotoVogue helps photographers to train the eye and improve their work’, she said, strongly.

For several years now Romina has had a very successful freelance photographic career, with the support of her husband, she resigned from her stable job and hasn’t looked back. Her days are spent creating images and selling them onto Galleries. Galleries in more than twenty different countries currently represent her work; her images are having huge exposure. In addition to this, she runs regular Photographic Workshops.

Romina’s attention to detail and self-diagnosed ‘obsessive behavior’ has given her a work reputation that her colleagues know well. She will settle for nothing less than perfect. Her method of planning her next shoot, includes imagining the final image, sometimes she recreates this image either by drawing or mounting the ideas to Photoshop. ‘Details are crucially important’, she explains, ‘they can make an image look awesome or totally ruin it’. Acknowledging the beauty of natural light, whilst in the studio, Romina uses a combination of flashlights with continuous lighting. ‘The selection of lights will depend on the shooting, but in general my light schemes are very simple, just 2 or 3 lights, simple lighting can be very beautiful; less is more to me. I also love to combine flashes (with soft accessories) with some continuous light as LED panels”, she explains.

The majority of her work is with a traditional camera; mobile photography accounts for about 30% and is limited to capturing her daily life. She enjoys the portability and low risk of walking the streets with a mobile but currently, for paid professional assignments, Romina utilises her DSLR. “Life inspires me, the common things I see in the street, the everyday and mainly the people, their behaviors, the society; I love to express how I see the evolution and its consequences”, she explained.

Romina describes her photography as ‘having a strong sociological content with a pictorial aesthetic’. She’s heavily influenced by art and is particularly passionate about Classics, their palette, their aesthetic, and their perpetuity. Rembrandt, Vermeer, Da Vinci to name a few are inspirations but she’s also inspired by classic photographers too, including Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, William Klein, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Steven Meisel. PhotoVoguers also influence Romina and Isabel Martinez one that we recently interviewed (see here), is of particular interest. “I love the Galleries of Isabel Martinez (I already knew her work from PV and love it)”,other Instagram influences include @thiswildidea, @Otlylie and @liberatum.

For several years Romina has had her photography extensively exhibited including in Buenos Aires, several times and once at Centrol Cultural Borges. In Milan, Vogue Italia selected her images for various initiatives including the first edition of the A Glimpse at PhotoVogue at the Carla Sozzani Gallery. Her work has also been displayed in New York at the PowerHouse Arena with a series about the Sandy storm in NYC and she’s also been shown in Galleries in Prague and Edinburgh. In addition, this year Romina has won six Awards at the PX 3 Paris Contest and won the third prize at the Photo Annuals Awards.

In her free time as well as enjoying watching films with her husband, visiting museums, going to the theatre, spending time with friends, she also loves to fantasize about photographing Iris Apfel, Vivienne Westwood, Grace Coddington, Karl Lagerfeld, Willem Dafoe among others. The wonderful thing about dreams is sometimes they come true; we’re sure with Romina’s talent, flexibility and willingness to adapt that one day, these may come true."

di Joanne Carter

Published: 08/28/2014 - 06:30